GMercyU Invasion of the Sea Urchins

February 24, 2016
GMercyU Biology Sea Urchin Lab

Gwynedd Mercy University students received a special delivery in their Developmental Biology class. Sea Urchins made their way to Maguire Hall where Biology students were waiting to perform their latest experiment: Sea Urchin Fertilization

For this experiment, each student received two sea urchins and placed them upside down on top of a beaker. They then injected a calcium solution into the sea urchin's mouths which caused the muscles to contract and release gametes. 

After a short waiting period, students collected the gametes and used microscopes to determine if they were eggs or sperm. Students then mixed the sperm with eggs and evaluated the fertilization process under the microscope.

The Sea Urchins are now living happily ever after at a local pet store waiting to be adopted into a lovely home — or ocean.

The Invasion of the Sea Urchins is just one of the many exciting, hands-on learning experiences offered at GMercyU. Students gain real-world experience which helps them stand out from other applicants when applying to graduate programs or for jobs after graduation.