GMercyU Celebrates Science Week at the Hobbit House

February 24, 2016
Science Week at the Hobbit House

It’s science week at the Valie Genuardi Hobbit House, and GMercyU’s on-site pre-school was bustling with future scientists and fun experiments Tuesday morning. Members of the Gwynedd Mercy University’s Student Association of Science helped the junior scientists create static electricity with balloons, fill a glove with carbon dioxide from a bottle of soda, and make goo from corn starch and water.

The Hobbit House scientists, ranging in age from 3 to 5 years old, paid careful attention to the students from the University, and all reveled in the chance to touch the blue goo!

The Student Association of Science at GMercyU was formed to provide a way for students majoring in biology, computer science or mathematics to interact with one another and form new connections.