[Campus Conversations] Protecting All Communities: Building an Anti-Racist Police Force

7:00 pm

On May 25, 2020, 46-year-old George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police, after Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. While Americans became outraged, protesting and looting throughout the country, police officers attempted to keep peace and order above the din of discontentment. The problem is that police-community relations are at an all-time low, seemingly stemming from a lack of sufficient police training or a willingness to appropriately police without incident. The purpose of this presentation is to address the possibility of training an anti-racist police force, racism in the law enforcement community, and the effect of race during use of force encounters. The goal is to understand how police departments can be improved, offering equal justice to the communities they serve.

This event is open to members of the GMercyU, SEPCHE, and CMHE communities.


About Campus Conversations:

Each fall, Gwynedd Mercy University offers Campus Conversations, a series of lectures, panel discussions, and presentations whose purpose is three-fold: to generate conversation as part of our commitment to intellectual inquiry and lifelong learning; to address relevant, timely, and meaningful topics that speak to our mission and core values; to highlight the expertise of our faculty and other scholars in relevant disciplines. This year’s theme is Systemic Racism.

The purpose of this series of Campus Conversations is to talk about the differences, making sure that all sides are represented. This is not a forum to disseminate propaganda, but a chance to talk about the issues that surround these troubling events, with an eye toward educating on all fronts. Remember, the opposite of education is ignorance, something we should all aspire to destroy.