GMercyU alum Nikki Zaffiri-Boland

Meet Nikki Zaffiri-Boland

English, 2011

Current Position: Senior Communications Specialist at Penn Mutual

Story Last Updated: October 2015
Current Position Updated: March 2019

Young Alum Seizing Every Opportunity

Life has come full-circle for Nikki Zaffiri-Boland, who crafted her design skills as an intern for the Office of Public Relations at Gwynedd Mercy University. Zaffiri-Boland is Corporate Communications and Design Specialist at Univest Corporation in Souderton, the only company she has worked for since August 2011, just two months after graduating with her bachelor’s degree in English

Choosing where to go to college was easy for Zaffiri-Boland; choosing what she wanted to do for the rest of her life was a different story. Zaffiri-Boland, thinking she wanted to become a veterinarian, researched local schools with a good biology program and applied to only one school: Gwynedd Mercy University.  

After a difficult freshman year, Zaffiri-Boland met with her advisor to discuss options and after some thought, she realized reading, writing and art was what she enjoyed doing the most. Dean of the School of Arts and Science Dr. Lisa McGarry took Zaffiri-Boland under her wing, guiding her as she discovered her passion. 

“Lisa is the main reason I am where I am today,” Zaffiri-Boland said. “She was there for me the whole way, cheering on my big accomplishments and there to turn to when I was at my lowest point.”

At Univest Corporation, Zaffiri-Boland has moved up the ranks quickly and into a position that utilizes all of her skills. Whether it’s taking photos for the corporate newsletter or designing a new feature on the website, no two days are alike. 

From the moment she joined Univest, Zaffiri-Boland rolled up her sleeves and was willing to learn on the fly. As a young professional, she is an avid believer that it’s never too late in your college career to explore your true passions. 

"We only have a short time here and you need to live purposefully. Don't waste time trying to decide what you want to do or spend time in a career you despise. Take a chance and be spontaneous. You never know where it could lead you,” Zaffiri-Boland said. 

*Gwynedd Mercy University's English program is no longer enrolling new students. You can learn more about similar programs on the School of Arts & Sciences page.