Meet William Beck

Criminal Justice, 2013

I chose to attend Gwynedd Mercy University because I wanted smaller class sizes and the chance to establish a better connection with my peers and professors. I felt that the professors were better able to get to know me and were more likely to be invested in my success. The one thing that stood out to me about GMercyU is that everyone seemed to know each other because the campus is such a small, tight-knit community. Whether it’s your friends, professors, coaches, or fellow students.

Experience in Criminal Justice Program

Dr. Patrick McGrain was definitely a professor that stood out during my time at GMercyU. He was always willing to help any student no matter what the problem was because no task was too small for him. He is a big fan of the sports teams on campus and always came out to support the lacrosse team.

During my time at GMercyU, I interned with the Philadelphia Police Departments Crime Scene Unit. I spent a lot of time there and assisted with helping the officers investigate crimes by carefully collecting and analyzing physical evidence. Even though I was unable to perform all of the details included in the job, I was able to observe various procedures used by the Crime Scene Unit.

Life as a Student-Athlete

GMercyU’s Lacrosse program gave me the chance to build a wide range of abilities and skills such as leadership, confidence, teamwork, patience, dedication, trust, and many more which has had an impact on my life after school. The team also had a family impact on me. The first thing I noticed my first year is the backgrounds of each one of my teammates and how each one of them were unique in their own way. Our family would always be there to lift you up when you needed it.

Post Graduation

After graduation, I didn’t immediately jump into the field I studied. Since I was a student-athlete, I didn’t travel or experience the life the way some college students do. I spent two years after college traveling from the east coast to the west coast.

After my time traveling, I worked in an Emergency Room and coached high school lacrosse. During that time, I was in the process of becoming a Philadelphia Police Officer.

Law enforcement is something that runs in my family and I always wanted to be involved in that career field since I was young. I love my job and love helping people. I wouldn’t change a single thing that led me to where I am today.