GMercyU Alumni Peter Pappas

Meet Peter Pappas

Business Administration, 2015

Current Position: Executive Director at Harborview Rehab and Care Center Lansdale

After my initial visit with Coach Lindstrom, I fell in love with the atmosphere and community that Gwynedd Mercy University had to offer. From the tight knit campus to the wide variety of ancillary services available to the student population, I knew Gwynedd Mercy was the right decision.


During my time at GMercyU, I was a dedicated member of the men’s lacrosse team. Being a member of the Men's Lacrosse team enabled me to develop quality skills that I have translated into my professional career. The core values that my teammates and I created my freshmen year, are the same core values that I live by today.

This program forced me to grow not only as a lacrosse player, but as contributing member of society. Lastly, the friendships that were created throughout my four years are friendships that I will hold deeply for the rest of my life.

Coach Lindstrom has created a successful lacrosse program that assists his players with growing on and off the field. I would not be where I am today, without having been a student-athlete at GMercyU.

Business Experience

There were two professors that stood out to me during my time at GMercyU, Professor Eader and Professor Mumford. Their ability to connect with their students and break down their curriculum to not only make it more enjoyable for the students, but to also allow us to better understand the material is something I will never forget. I am extremely grateful to have been a student under the both of them.

While at GMercyU, I completed an administrator in training internship at Willow Terrace, a 173-bed skilled nursing facility in Philadelphia, Pa.

I had to complete a 1000-hour program in the facility, while also going through a 120-hour course held at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM.) I was doing this all while being a student-athlete at GMercyU. This internship/program led me to become a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.


After graduation, I was very lucky, but at the same time, my hardwork over the four years led to my next chapter in life. My mentor at Willow Terrace asked me to take on a full-time role as an assistant administrator underneath him at Willow Terrace. Due to the ongoing success our building was maintaining, our parent company began to purchase additional buildings.

With the purchases of these new buildings, came the need to fill some of the facilities with administrators. I had been fortunate to be selected for an interview. After a successful interview, I was offered the Executive Director (Administrator) position of a 126-bed skilled nursing facility in Lansdale, PA. I just had my 3-year anniversary.

As I said on my initial visit, I knew Gwynedd Mercy University was the school for me. The close connections you can build with your professors, athletic coaches, and fellow students allowed me to flourish at GMercyU. The dedicated professors can grow working relationships with each student that will set them up for success.