GMercyU Alum Jason Dabney teaches at Laura H. Carnell School in Oxford Circle

Meet Jason Dabney

Education, 2010

Growing up, Jason Dabney never saw himself as someone who was smart enough to go to college. If it wasn't for his mother's ultimatum - either go to college or move out - Jason may not be living out his passion as the fifth grade teacher at Laura H. Carnell School in the Oxford Circle neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jason started out at Montgomery County Community College as a business student. Despite enjoying his courses and doing well, when it came time to take the finals, Jason's nerves got the best of him and things would go downhill. This routine went on for a few semesters until his advisor helped him discover what he was truly passionate about - teaching. 

Now realizing what he was called to do, Jason knew it was time to get serious about his education.One summer afternoon, Jason picked up the phone and called Gwynedd Mercy University's Admissions Office. He applied and was accepted and before he knew it, he was walking towards Dr. Deborah Schadler's classroom in August 2006.

As Jason walked down the hall, he saw Dr. Schadler start to close the door. Just as he was reaching to grab the knob, the door closed. Not thinking anything of it, Jason tried to open the door. It was locked.

This is where he learned the first of many valuable lessons. 

"She said 'As a teacher, you're never to be late. As a teacher you need to be here earlier than your scholars and need to be prepared for them’," Jason recounted.

"At that point, my age started to catch up with my desire to be a teacher," Jason said. “It wasn't just some boy who decided to give teaching a try. It was the reality of 'Wow, this teaching thing is more than just standing in the classroom’."

It was the dedication and compassion of Dr. Schadler and all of Jason's professors at GMercyU that helped him realize how important the teaching profession is. He usesthe values he learned at GMercyU in his classroom every day.

"I learned to be sensitive to other people's needs, especially my students. My students are gold to me. That's where I learned that," Jason said. "Being at GMercyU, it taught me to honor the profession; to honor my calling as an educator. That's different than just coming to work."