GMercyU Biology Alum Elizabeth Mannino

Meet Elizabeth Mannino

Biology, 2016

Current Position: Student at Eastern Virginia Medical School

Story Last Updated: June 2016
Current Position Updated: March 2019

I remember the first day of orientation I was so nervous while packing up the car to move in but once I got here and started the activities, I felt really comfortable. I was quickly able to make friends that first day and  I realized people that go to Gwynedd Mercy University are very similar to me. I realized that everyone is going through what I was going through and I used that to bond with other people.

I had a research internship for two summers during my time at GMercyU at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I believe the reason I was able to get that opportunity was because of the encouragement of my professors and their willingness to sit down with me to make sure I was prepared.

Dr. Michelle McEliece was one of the first professors that I met at GMercyU during my senior year of high school. She became my advisor and has had a really huge impact on me. She always encouraged me to challenge myself to do bigger and better things and has been a huge support system. Dr. Felcia Barbieri was my pre-medical advisor. She helped me through all of my medical school applications, letters of recommendation, and helped me prepare for the MCAT exam. Both of them were also my thesis advisors so I spent a lot of time with them.

Presenting my thesis was probably my best moment here because it really compiled everything I did into a few minutes. All of the research that I did at CHOP for two summers and everything I learned in class all came together. For my thesis, I worked with a syndrome called Cornelia de Lange syndrome which is a genetic condition that is pretty rare. I researched a fruit fly model of this disease and investigated various aspects of it. Hopefully, we will be able to eventually test drug compounds on the fruit flies that can be applied to humans but that's far in the future.

As I mentioned, I was pre-medical here at GMercyU. I want to be some sort of pediatrician but I'm not sure exactly what field. I was recently accepted into medical school and in the fall I plan on attending Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Va.