GMercyU English Alum Daniel Craig

Meet Daniel Craig

English, 2007

Current Position: Senior Account Executive at Salesforce, Inc.

Story Last Updated: January 2016
Current Position Updated: March 2019

Take one look at Daniel Craig’s extensive LinkedIn profile and it’s clear he is passionate about his career in sales. It is also clear that Craig’s path to Application Sales Manager at Oracle was not usual.Craig came to Gwynedd Mercy University as an English major, with his eyes set on law school. 

“I chose GMercyU, because I knew they had a great reputation for education. While I wasn’t planning on becoming a teacher, I was looking for a strong English program,” Craig said. “They were producing great teachers, so the English professors had to be well regarded.”

Working full-time as a personal trainer, Craig didn’t have much free time while studying at GMercyU but that didn’t stop him from building close relationships with his professors. English professors Marilyn Monahan and Carol Breslin served as a support system for Craig, challenging him to improve both personally and intellectually. Craig also developed a close relationship and still stays in touch with Dr. Mark Lazenby, a Philosophy professor who has since gone on to Yale University

After graduating from GMercyU Summa Cum Laude, Craig was accepted to Law School at Widener University. Craig soon realized, however, law wasn’t the career for him. 

“My family had a background in law, so growing up I aspired to be a lawyer. While working as a paralegal, it was quickly apparent that the reality of being a lawyer didn’t match my perception,” Craig said. “I realized that I was more interested in the end result than the ability to practice law.”

Craig shifted gears and began working as an Account Executive with Craig has since worked his way up, both at and other companies and recently earned a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University.

The sudden change in career paths may seem drastic, but Craig credits his liberal arts and law background for the smooth transition. 

“While sales and law may look like disconnected careers, there are many parallels. Some of the things that attracted me to law were also the critical components for being successful in sales: research, communication, public speaking, and psychology,” Craig said.

*Gwynedd Mercy University's English program is no longer enrolling new students. You can learn more about similar programs on the School of Arts & Sciences page.