GMercyU Psychology Graduate Brittany Albert

Meet Brittany Albert

Psychology, 2019

Current Position: Crisis Worker at Doylestown Hospital

You have heard all of the clichés before. College is a time for you to discover your passions, meet lifelong friends, and step outside your comfort zone. Well, clichés become clichés because they’re true. Brittany Albert is proof.

Brittany initially moved from New York and transferred to Gwynedd Mercy University to study nursing. As she started to move along in her courses, she soon discovered her passion lied more in behavioral health. After meeting with Professor Mary Reilly, Brittany switched her major to Psychology.

She quickly became an integral part of GMercyU’s Psychology program, participating in several research projects that focused on familial relationships. One of the projects looked at the effect divorce has on children, specifically how it impacts trust in friend and romantic relationships. Brittany presented her findings at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education Research Conference and GMercyU’s Undergraduate Research Conference.

Brittany’s research and classroom experience helped land her the internship of her dreams at Penn Vet Working Dog Center. Inspired by the Search & Rescue Dogs that responded following the 9/11 attacks, the Center serves as a national research and development center for detection dogs. There, Brittany worked with search and rescue dogs and canines spanning a multitude of specialties.

“I went for the interview and they loved me from the start. It's amazing all of the things that the Center does to prepare the dogs for the real-world,” Brittany said. “Agencies from all over the country come to purchase our dogs.”

When not conducting research or interning, Brittany was also actively involved on campus. She played volleyball, was an Orientation Leader, a Resident Assistant, and a Peer Mentor. This past January, Brittany participated in a study abroad trip to London and Scotland, something she never thought she’d do. By stepping outside her comfort zone, Brittany not only gained valuable skills, she met her some of her best friends and created lifelong memories.

“Putting myself out there by doing all of the research, going through internships that I never thought I would get, doing all of these things on campus, I have opened my eyes and really learned a lot about myself,” Brittany said.

Prior to graduation, Brittany accepted a Crisis Worker position at the Crisis Center at Doylestown Hospital. She began her master’s degree program online at Arizona State University in August and moved into an apartment with a fellow Griffin this summer. Her ultimate goal is to work for the FBI as a profiler.