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Information for Accepted Undergraduate Students: Orientation FAQs

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Q: Do I have to register for Orientation?
A: Yes. All new students must follow the online Orientation registration process. Registration opens June 2014.
If you do not have internet access, please contact Marissa Bowlby at 215-641-5511.

Is Orientation Mandatory?
A: Yes, we highly encourage all new students to attend all days events on Thursday and Friday. Events on Saturday afternoon and Sunday are encouraged but not required. Orientation is designed to acclimate incoming students to the University community, its resources and most importantly, to each other. Please also note that the First Year Experience class has their first class meeting during Orientation.

When do I receive my Orientation group assignment?
A: All new students will receive their group assignment when they check in at Orientation.

Can my friend/sibling come to Orientation?
A: This program is only offered for new Gwynedd Mercy University students enrolled in the Fall 2014 semester. Guests will have little to do and may hinder your experience of meeting your fellow classmates.

Is there an Orientation program for parents?
A: Yes. Parents’ Orientation is Thursday, August 21st. Detailed information regarding Parents’ Orientation will be mailed over the summer.

Can other children accompany parents to the Parent Orientation activities?
A: Programs are specifically designed for the parents/guardians of incoming new students.

Will I be able to get a tour of campus during the Orientation?
A: Orientation Leaders will be available to show you around campus during Orientation. Also, the Admission staff is available during the summer for tours. If interested, contact the Admissions Office: 215-641-5510.

Can I see my residence hall room before August 21st?
A: Resident students or perspective resident students may look at a sample room if they arrange for a tour with the Admissions Office. However, students will not be permitted to see their rooms because many rooms are occupied during the summer.

When will I find out about my resident hall assignment and roommate?
A: You will receive a packet from Residence Life in late July that will have your room and roommate information. If you have questions regarding your room/roommate, please contact Residence Life at 215-646-7300, ext. 305.

How much does it cost to park on campus?
A: Commuters must pay $45, and residents must pay $75 for a parking decal. Parking decals are valid from August 2014 through August 2015.

When will I get my student ID?
A: When you come to campus to take your placement test and/or meet with your Academic Advisor, please visit the Campbell Solution Center to take your photo. IDs will be distributed during Orientation in August. In the event that you are unable to take your photo prior to Orientation, your Orientation Leader will arrange for you to do so in August. Resident students are strongly encouraged to go to the Campbell Solution Center prior to move in day.

Where can I find out about the meal plans and how do I register for one?
A: Please refer to the Bursars Tuition + Fees page for information regarding meal plans.

Who do I contact to take my placement assessments?
A: Contact Stephanie Alderfer at the Academic Resource Center: 267-448-1347, .

How do I find out who my advisor is?
A: The Admissions Office notifies all accepted students of their advisor contact information. Once you have confirmed attendance with the Admissions Office, you will receive this informational packet shortly thereafter.

Who do I contact if I am interested in playing a sport?
A: Contact the Athletics department by calling 215-646-7300, ext. 252. Or go to, click on the “Athletics” page, go to “Staff Directory” and contact the appropriate coach to find out more information about joining.

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