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Mercy Commuters

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Did you know that Commuter Students make-up about 60% of our student body? It’s true!

We place great value on your time, for we know that you are often balancing many demands – from school work to your personal life – and we’d like to show you our appreciation by inviting you to get involved with the Mercy Commuters program.

Be on the look-out for such events as “Coffee to go”- where we treat you to complimentary breakfast treats on your way to class. Stick around and join us for one of our “Lunch Bunch” meetings, where commuter students can get together to get to know one another, while sharing a meal and some light conversation. Or, take advantage of one of our evening or weekend meet-ups, where commuter students are encouraged to join together for some fun off-campus. 

Commuter involvement has its rewards.  

Click here for Commuter Cash incentive program details (pdf)

Student Activities Office
Location: 2nd floor, Waldron Center