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Peer Mentoring Association (PMA)

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Peer Mentoring Association is a student organization where members, who are interested in helping their fellow peers, volunteer to serve the campus community around mental health issues. PMA members act as peer advocates as well as educators regarding mental health and wellness issues. Within PMA, some members have elected to be trained by Counseling Service staff as a Peer Mentor. This micro counseling training enables those members to provide peer to peer mentoring.

For current member informtion including PMA President and contact information, refer to the PMA brochure or pick one up in the Health and Wellness Center or Counseling Services waiting area.

Peer Mentoring Association brochure.pdf



The purpose of the Peer Mentoring Association is to:

  • Promote and sponsor programs addressing issues that impact college students such as relationships, drug/alcohol use, family issues, sexual assault, eating disorders, AIDS, depression/suicide, tolerance, etc.
  • Serve as peer mentors by being available to students who are experiencing difficulties which impact their academic success and personal lives.
  • Serve as a referral network for the Counseling Services staff.


General membership is open to all undergraduate students in the Gwynedd Mercy University community. All members must be in good standing (academic - minimum 2.0 GPA - and disciplinary). All members attend regularly scheduled meetings as well as make a commitment to promote, sponsor, and participate in programming offered PMA during the academic year. Only those members that complete mandatory trainings conducted by Counseling staff can be considered a Peer Mentor and provide mentoring services to peers.

Peer Mentor Association Staff Advisor:

Dan Jordan, Counselor/Disability Support Service Coordinator

For more information on Peer Mentoring Association or to join the organization, please contact the Advisor:

Dan Jordan,Counselor/Disability Support Services Coordinator

Phone: 215-646-7300 x 427