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Griffin success stories and testimonials

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Read what students and alumni have to say about Career Development
  • Everyone is always very friendly, courteous, encouraging and eager to help. I definitely feel comfortable to approach them about any help I need.
  • I believe that the Career Development department is an extremely important service since it is helping students successfully transition from the classroom to the professional world. I would recommend it to all my classmates. I was extremely satisfied with the service.
  • I credit much of my career success to the Career Development Center. The Career Development staff helped me find internships that I was interested in and ace each interview. One of my internships became my full time position. Even if you do not know how they can help you it is worth a moment of your time to get to know them. They are experts at what they do and more importantly they are an excellent support system. It is never too early or too late to go visit Career Development.
  • Staff really took the time to help me out. I have since then recommended others to Career Development and they have had the same type of help. Keep up the great work!
  • Career Development has helped me develop a sense of professionalism which will help me beyond my years at Gwynedd Mercy University. The Career Development Center has enabled me to create a resume which showcases all of my accomplishments. Career Development has set me up for success and be a marketable college graduate.  Everyone should use the services of Career Development. In fact they should do so regularly.
  • I would highly recommend going to the Career Development Center if you are unsure about what to do after graduation. They helped me tremendously and provided me with career ideas that I was unfamiliar with. This helped me find specific information about possible career choices.
  • The Career Development staff is friendly and helpful. They have provided effective and timely communication.  I had a resume reviewed by a staff member and got great feedback.
  • Being a non-traditional nursing student my schedule is beyond hectic. I truly appreciate your ability to assist students via e-mail. It made the process much less stressful and allowed me the benefits of your services.
  • Staff has been such a huge help to me the past three years. Every time, I felt at ease and confident that I was getting the help I needed to create an outstanding résumé. I am so grateful for this service and the people who are always so eager to help.
  • Going to Career Development helped me decide on a major for college. I highly appreciate the help I received. People were able to work with me and were very kind.
  • Career Development helped me prepare a resume and understand how to conduct myself in an interview. It is a great idea to visit the staff in Career Development because they will help guide you in the right direction. They will help you every step of the way so you can get an internship/job.
  • Always a pleasure visiting the Career Development Center! They are very knowledgeable and dedicated to both GMercyU students and alumni.
  • I didn't know that the Career Development Center was available to me until this year. I'm so glad I got help with creating my resume, cover letter, and portfolio. I was happy that I was able to make appointments without any trouble. I felt more confident in my career path after meeting with staff.
  • I was helped a great deal when trying to choose a major that fits me. They were patient and willing to take time to make sure the decision I made was the right one.
  • I can't thank Career Development enough. The staff has been wonderful. From my resume, to my cover letter, to general questions about employment, Career Development has been really helpful in assisting me in the confusing world of jobs! Thanks!