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Externship Program

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The program consists of a one day job shadowing experience that allows students to spend time observing a professional for the purpose of investigating a career field. Students are given the opportunity to shadow an alumnus or friend of Gwynedd Mercy University to experience a typical professional work environment in a field of interest.

The benefits that students receive from participating in this program are invaluable:

  • Help you match your interest and skills with different careers options
  • Develop your confidence when making career related decisions
  • Provide opportunities for networking and possible internships or informational interviews
  • Gain real world experience and see how to apply your education in a professional setting

Here are what students and hosts are saying about the Externship Program:

  • I learned about a typical office atmosphere. I also learned a lot about the types of educational backgrounds and special training it takes to make it in this field.
  • From this externship I learned that there are different jobs within the career field I am interested in and there are several organizations that offer internships in my field.
  • He taught me to not give up on what I am pursuing. I learned that networking plays a very big role in any type of business.
  • The externship that I experienced was very informative and made me realize this is definitely what I want to do. The experience was very helpful.
  • I had a great job shadowing experience. I know the student is looking at internships for next year and, because of a great externship experience, I would be happy to host her for an internship next fall.

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Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Contact Office for additional hours)
Location: Learning Commons (Lourdes Library)
Phone: 215-646-7300, ext. 230
Job Search Web Site:
LinkedIn: (search for Gwynedd Mercy University)