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Continuing the link between you, your student and the University community


September 2012

Campus Social Events

Homecoming Weekend

September 27, 2012 ~ Homecoming Dance 10:30pm

September 28, 2012 ~ Movie on the Lawn 9:00pm Keiss Hall

September 29, 2012 ~ Fall Fest 2:00pm-6:00pm Outdoor Basketball Courts

September 29, 2012 ~ Comedy Sportz 7:30pm JBA


Campus Academic/Common Hour Events

September 5th ~ Mass of the Holy Spirit 11:30am JBA

September 18th ~ Constitution Day with Lara Brown 4:30pm JBA

Weekend of September 21 ~ Campus Ministry Retreat

September 24 ~ F.I.S.H. 9pm Glass Lounge

September 26 ~ Academic Convocation with Melissa Fitzgerald 3:00pm (Common Hour) JBA

October 3 ~ Registered Dietician and Nutritionist Jan Little 3:00pm Merck Auditorium

October 3 ~ Study Abroad Info Session 3:00pm CFC Conference Room


The Student Update is a newsletter for current Gwynedd Mercy University students

You may view this newsletter at studentupdate.pdf


**Important News from the Health & Wellness Center**

September 11, 2012 is the last day to waive the University health insurance if you do not wish to receive it. After this time, $1,367.00 will be billed to your student account and no refunds will be available. There will be no exceptions . If you have any questions, please contact the Health & Wellness Center at ext. 306.


Health and Wellness Center ~ Loyola Hall

See Dr. Joe for Free!!

Did you know that your student can be seen by Dr. Joe in the Health and Wellness Center for free when classes are in session?

All students of Gwynedd Mercy University have the opportunity to be seen by Dr. Joe in the Health and Wellness Center located in Loyola Hall at no cost.

Doctor's Hours:

Mondays: 8:30am - 11:30 am

Wednesdays: 1:30pm - 4:30pm

When your student is not feeling well, please encourage them to call x306 to set up an appointment to be seen.


Mid-Semester (Fall) Break

The University’s mid-semester break is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, October 15-16. Regular classes will not be held. Accelerated classes are in session. The residence halls will not be closed for mid-semester break. Dining hours will operate on a weekend hour schedule Saturday through Tuesday.


Health and Safety Inspections

Health and Safety Inspections will be occurring on Friday, September 14th. The Resident Life Staff will be entering all student rooms between the hours of 2:30 – 5:30 pm to conduct Health and Safety Inspections. Staff will be checking for fire safety, sanitation, and other safety conditions. Resident Life staff can and will confiscate items not allowed in the Residence Halls. They will also document any discovered policy violations. See the "Room Condition" section in the Resident Life Handbook (on-line) for additional information or contact any member of the Resident Life Staff. Please note that the Office of Resident Life is not responsible for any confiscated items that are lost, broken or damaged in any way.


Room and Board Refund Policy

Per Semester

Withdrawal date from the residence halls is based upon official notification by the student to the Office of Resident Life and official check-out of the residence halls.

100% refund prior to the first day of the semester

75% refund through end of the drop/add period

50% refund through first week after drop/add


25% refund through second week after drop/add


0% refund after end of the second week after

drop/add period

The residence facilities are designed to accommodate individual students and not a student’s family members. Students with special family needs are welcome to review the off-campus housing listing available through the Office of Resident Life.


Are You Having Trouble with Wireless Connectivity?

Are you having trouble connecting to the internet in the Residence Halls? Please contact the IT service desk as soon as possible for assistance as it is important that IT is aware of any issues you may be encountering.


Residence Hall Upgrade Implementations

As noted throughout the 2011-2012 academic year through publications, notices, and housing application packets, the following upgrades have occurred in the residence halls:


Safety Upgrades

Best practices for College residence halls nationwide include construction and renovation of existing facilities to conform with a one point entry and exit system similar to Alexandria Hall. The purpose for this practice is to enhance the safety of all residents in buildings that are not open access facilities. College policy allows for only residents, their escorted registered guests and authorized staff to be allowed in the residence halls.


During the past several years phased in renovations have occurred in St. Brigid, Siena and Loyola Hall to implement 15 second delayed alarm systems that are designated to automatically release when the fire system is activated to all existing entrances/exits. This work has now been completed and the Public Safety and Security desk and office has been relocated to the front entrance of St. Brigid Hall. By doing so, the complex conforms to the best practice safety system of a one point entry and exit for the Loyola, Siena and St. Brigid complex through the front entrance of St. Brigid Hall.


Comcast Cable Upgrades

This summer, Comcast Cable installed a new piece of cable equipment referred to as a Head-End on our campus. The purpose of this will be to eliminate the need for each television set to be equipped with a DTA (Digital Transport Adapter) box which was previously necessary in order to receive the channel lineup purchased by the University. The Head-End will allow students the convenience of plugging their cable cord directly from their television set to the cable outlet on the wall without the need of taking responsibility for any additional cable box related equipment that needs to be signed out and returned at the end of the year. Please note that the signal will come in as an analog and therefore TV stations will appear less sharp than a digital signal can provide. Every cable outlet will provide the University purchased channel line-up signal and the Head-End equipment will not allow for additional channels beyond these to be transmitted to individual student units. As a result, Comcast will no longer accept individual student agreements for channels beyond those purchased by the University.


Energy Curtailment Program

Gwynedd Mercy University has contracted with a company that specializes in Energy Curtailment Programs. As part of our agreement, we are part of their "load shedding" program. Load shedding is what electric utilities do when there is a huge demand for electricity that exceeds the generation available to the utility companies. This is a voluntary program and we will be requested to shed a portion of our electrical load during peak times throughout the summer. We are expecting that we would be asked to shed a portion of our load at times due to rising temperatures and humidity. When we shed a portion of our load, we will shut down air conditioning units and fans for periods of time throughout campus, including the residence halls, probably from a period ranging from 45 minutes to a maximum of six hours. Physical Plant will monitor the effects on the various sections of the campus when we are asked to shed electricity usage. Everyone on campus can help throughout the summer and early fall, if they turn off any electronic equipment when not in use. Load shedding does address one of the Critical Concerns of Mercy for care of the earth in that reduced usage of large generators by the utility companies during high demand periods will reduce pollution.

Please be sure to keep an eye on the portal for other messages regarding this program. Messages and notices will be posted when a shutdown will occur as the Energy Curtailment Group will give our campus advanced notice as to when we need to shut down a particular system. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we participate in this program. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the recent upgrades that have occurred, please feel free to contact the Office of Resident Life.


Career Services: Campbell Hall, x230

Visit our website at services or email us at:

We would like to welcome the new families and friends of the Gwynedd Mercy University Class of 2016 and welcome back the parents and families of current Gwynedd Mercy University students! Here at Career Services it is our mission to provide guidance, resources, and support to our students as they progress through their career development process. Through both individual appointments and workshops we offer services to aid your student in:

  • Choosing a major or career, finding internships and volunteer opportunities, resume and cover letter writing, job searching, interviewing strategies, and much more.
  • Additionally, we offer numerous job fairs and networking opportunities and host an online job database system with positions available for students of all years.

It is our goal to help generate student success and in order to do that it is imperative that students begin thinking about their career process as early as possible. There is a direct relationship between what your student does (or does not do) during their undergraduate experience and their success after graduation. So, we ask you to please: urge your student to take advantage of services our office offers.

We invite you to contact us with any questions or concerns ( or 215-646-7300 ext. 230). For a full list of services and semester events go to


Nick Schaefer, Director and Kate Shellaway, Associate Director




As your child leaves for college, the parent must learn a new balance with parenting. That is, balancing being involved in your child’s life while in college, but also encouraging them to start taking more responsibility, being accountable for their actions, and making their own decisions.

With technology ranging from text messaging to Skype, it is extremely easy for parents to stay in touch with their college student. But, when is it too much? A major part of college is your child’s learning to deal with life issues with greater independence. Now is the time, as a parent, to step back and let your child step forward. Allow your child the opportunity to practice what you’ve taught them. Understand though, they will encounter problems. They might not like their roommate, may not get along with their Resident Assistant, or may not like the classes they’re taking. For many, the first thing they may do is call home. But before you take charge, think twice. Your parenting job has changed: listen, ask them what they are doing to resolve the problem, explore options, and encourage them to take care of the problem on their own. Allowing your child to feel good about handling an issue helps them to be more empowered. Parents should encourage their child in this experience. However, there may be exceptions to this such as when a situation escalates to that of risk or danger.

The tips below will help you to explore ways to manage new parenting boundaries with your college-aged children.
Avoid multiple phone calls during the day - Establish a time to talk, perhaps once or twice a week unless it is an emergency. Use phone conversations to catch up with everything that has happened. Let them know that if they need to talk, you are available. The point is, you are not there to be constantly monitoring them but giving them space to grow.

Encourage your child to seek available resources at school - Your child should be familiar with the resources available to them as a college student from their orientation. Encourage them to use their advisors for the academic advice as well as other resources such as student activities, career services, campus health, campus ministry and counseling services.

Encourage your child to get involved - Your child should be encouraged to engage in student activities or become more involved in service activities. Being involved helps to minimize loneliness and is an opportunity to meet a diverse group of friends.

Let them be in charge of their own finances - Teach your child about responsible financial decisions. Work with them on to develop a budget but avoid giving ANY additional money, unless there is an emergency. This will help your child in budgeting while allowing them more independence.


Remember…as the parent you should be involved in your child’s life just in a different way. Step outside your comfort zone. Let your child experience some failures along their way to experiencing their success. Let them own it! As a parent, your reward will be watching them grow into a successful adult.


Counseling Services:


Fall 2012 Calendar

Monday, Tuesday, October 15-16 ~ Mid-Semester break, no regular classes

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, November 21-23 ~ Thanksgiving Holidays, College closed

Monday, December 10 ~ Last Day of regular classes

Tuesday-Monday, December 11-17 ~ Final Exams

Monday, December 17 ~ End of Fall 2012 Semester