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Educational Lab - Hobbit House

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Hobbit House

On October 19, 2012, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in accordance with the State Board of Private Academic Schools voted unanimously to award the Valie Genuardi Hobbit House a license as a “Private/Academic/Lab School” under the auspices of Gwynedd Mercy University, School of Education. Pennsylvania’s Learning Standards for Early Childhood Education are research-based standards that identify learning areas of development for children and are reflected in the Core Body of Knowledge competencies. The Standards are designed to guide practitioners to intentionally integrate developmental knowledge with the attitudes, skills and concepts that children need to make progress in all learning areas.

Since Hobbit House is a vital division of Gwynedd Mercy University, it provides college students with hands-on experiences in teaching the young child. Early childhood majors, as well as nursing students, find Hobbit House a delightful place to learn about little people.

Based on the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood Education  the following goals are addressed as part of the program:

  • Supervisory and curriculum development
  • Curriculum aligned with the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood
  • Schedules aligned to the curriculum
  • Developmental levels accommodations
  • Inclusion of special needs
  • Strategies and tools for evaluation/assessment of children’s progress
  • Instructional materials and use as related to instruction
  • Parental involvement in the individualized goals and a child’s school experience
  • Transitions for children moving on to kindergarten

For information regrading enrollment, services and other information for community members please visit the Valie Genuardi Hobbit House Page.