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Business Management Program

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Bachelor of Science in  Management Program

The Management program prepares students for entry level careers in management in small, medium and large businesses. Students graduating from the management program have been employed in retail firms, small businesses and large corporations.


Prerequisites (15 Credits)
ACC 105 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 106 Principles of Accounting II
BUS 101 Business Theory
ECN 102 Microeconomics
ECN 103 Macroeconomics

Management Core (30 credits)
ACC 301 Managerial Accounting
BUS 230 Business Law
BUS 310 Principles of Finance
BUS 207 Principles of Marketing
BUS 306 Business Statistics I
BUS 318 Operations Management
BUS 321 International Business
BUS 340 Business Statistics II
BUS 304 Business Ethics
BUS 4000 Business Capstone

Management Program Courses (18 credits)
BUS 301 Principles of Management

Five of the following courses

BUS  320 Small Business Management
BUS  319 Purchasing and Contracting
BUS  371  Introduction to Human Resource Management
BUS 373  Labor and Industrial Relations
BUS 374  Employment Law
Bus 375  Risk Management
BUS 350 Intro to Sports Management
BUS  436 International Management
BUS 381 Organization Theory and Behavior.
BUS 410 e-Business
BUS 421 Corporate Studies I
BUS 422  Corporate Studies II

Internship or open electives (14 Credits)


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All of our tradtional undergraduate programs are offered with a 4+1 MBA option. This allows Gwynedd Mercy University business students to graduate with an advanced degree.