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The Computer Information Science Program provides students with an exciting, cutting-edge curriculum, covering all aspects of the industry today including programming, web design/multimedia, networking, architecture, and database design/administration. Students in the Computer Information Science Program will benefit from small classes, dedicated faculty, and hands-on experience. Our curriculum is based on the latest technologies in the industry, and is one of the first schools in southeastern Pennsylvania to add mobile applications development (see student apps pictured here) as part of the core curriculum. Computer information science students are well-prepared to enter the professional workplace and are highly marketable in their chosen field upon graduation.

Additionally, the CIS program at Gwynedd Mercy University offers Professional Options where students can combine concentrations in Computer Forensics, Web Design & Multimedia, or Business, with their Computer Information Science degree. This allows students to have a more concentrated program of study by focusing on a particular career path within the field of computer information science.


Computer Forensics students get FIRST-HAND tour

of the local FBI computer forensics facility

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Due to our close relationship with the local FBI computer forensics department, students were visited on campus for a guest lecture, then invited back to tour the FBI computer forensics lab. Students gained a valuable first-hand look into what it would be like to enter this industry upon graduation. (pictured on right). 

Students in the computer forensic option take not only the introduction to computer forensics course, but will take a total of 5 courses in this option including three criminal justice courses, computer forensics, and cybercrime, where they will learn about crime and threats law enforcement face on a daily basis in cyberspace, utilizing volume 4 of 5 in the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification training (CHFI). Our computer forensics and cybercrime courses are popular not only with our CIS Computer Forensics students, but with students from several different majors on campus. Our Computer Forensics option is a joint effort between the Computer Information Science program and the Criminal Justice program, led by program coordinators Professor Lorraine Ford and Professor Walt Zdunowski.

Why Computer Information Science at Gwynedd Mercy University?

Practical ‘hands-on’ applications using current state-of-the-art tools and technologies such as mobile applications development combined with a core curriculum of problem-solving, computing and mathematical theory set this program apart when our graduates compete for jobs in today’s competitive marketplace.

Industry is already applauding us for embracing cutting-edge technologies in our course content, as is evidenced by feedback we have received from one of our graduate’s employer during the interview process:

“...You [at Gwynedd Mercy University] have a good balance of theory and hands-on coursework in your CIS curriculum that I did not find with any other applicant. This combination set [our graduate] apart from the rest of the applicants.”

- Joshua Gilper, Lead Developer of Web Applications, Cap Index, Inc. 

B.S. Computer Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

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Internships, Career Opportunities

Students are encouraged to find summer internship experiences as part of their elective requirements. These experiences may turn into employment after graduation, as they have for a number of students. Recently we've had CIS students complete internships with IMS Health, Inc,, iBall Inc., and the Office of Institutional Advancement. This summer we have planned internships for students with the Gwynedd Mercy University Information Technology Department and the New Jersey State Police. 

Transfers are WELCOME to our CIS program!

Gwynedd Mercy University also has an articulation agreement with Montgomery County and Bucks County Community Colleges to seamlessly transfer students into the CIS program in their junior year to complete their B.S. in CIS degree.



Some organizations our graduates work for:

AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical

Cap Index, Inc.

BMW Automotive, Germany

Bristol- Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical

Bisys Financial

Blue Cross Insurance

GMAC Financial

Hewlett Packard Computers


IMS America Health Info

Lockheed-Martin Aerospace

L'Oreal Cosmetics

MBNA Financial

McNeil Laboratories Pharmaceutical

Merck & Company Pharmaceuticals

Nationwide Insurance

NCO Group

Neoware Systems

Proctor & Gamble

Rohm & Hass Chemical


Social Security Administration


U.S. Navy

Vangaurd Financial

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Future prospects for a career in Computer Information Science

The future looks bright in the job market for our program graduates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
“among all occupations in all fields of science and engineering, computer science occupations are projected to account for nearly 60% of all job growth between 2008 and 2018.”

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook; Tomorrows Jobs

For more information on these options contact Professor Lorraine Ford

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science

Curriculum Information *

Core Requirements – 48 credits

CIS 104

Programming I

CIS 110

Information Systems

CIS 114

Web Design I

CIS 203

Systems Analysis & Design

CIS 204

Programming II

CIS 215

Intro to Relational Databases

CIS 230

Intro to Networking

CIS 301

Algorithms and Data Structures

CIS 304

Event-Driven Programming

CIS 321

Computer Organization

CIS 330

Network Admin & Security

CIS 410

Operating Systems

CIS 420

Mobile Applications Development

CIS 325

Database Admin & Security*



CIS 4000


* Required for Business Option - ELECTIVE for other options

Students now chose one of our 3 Exciting  Professional Options:

CIS and Computer Forensics – 15 credit option

CIS 240


CIS 340

Computer Forensics

CRJ 102

Intro to Criminal Justice

CRJ 405

Criminal Investigations

CRJ 437

Forensics CSI

CIS and Web Design & Multimedia – 15 credit option

CIS 424

Web Design II

CIS 350

Multimedia I

CIS 450

Multimedia II

COM 202

Visual Communication

COM 205

Media Technology

CIS and Business – 15 credit option

ACC 105

Principles of Accounting I

ACC 106

Principles of Accounting II

BUS 101

Introduction to Business

BUS Elective

BUS Elective

Credit Requirement
A minimum of 126 credits is required for the BS degree.


Grade Requirement
The minimum passing grade within the major is C (a grade of C- is not acceptable)

* Please contact the Office of Admissions at or call 1-800-342-5462 for specific general education course requirements.

Student Organizations

The Student Association of Science (SAS) provides opportunities for students to further their scientific inquiries outside the classroom and establish good fellowship among students.
The Beta Delta Chapter of Sigma Zeta is a nationally-chartered Honor Society recognizing student achievement in Mathematics and Science, programs that are generally acknowledged to be academically rigorous.


Thomas Gilmore, MEngr, Pennsylvania State University, Associate Professor, Computer Information Science
Michael Hubbard, MS, Drexel University, Adjunct Professor, Computer Information Science
Howard Knorr, MS, Rochester Institute of Technology, Adjunct Professor, Computer Information Science
Joe Cellucci, MS, Villanova University, Adjunct Professor, Computer Information Science
Steve Jaconetti, MBA, Temple University, BSCS Lehigh University, Cisco CCNA certified, Adjunct Professor, Computer Information Science
Richard Phillips, MS, Robert Morris Univeristy, Adjunct Professor, Computer Information Science
Certifications: COMPTIA A+, COMPTIA INet +, COMPTIA Network +, COMPTIA Security +, Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (NT40), Microsoft Certified Application Developer .NET, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (VB6)

For more information on Gwynedd Mercy University's computer information science program, contact the Admissions office at or call 1-800-342-5462.