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IT Policies

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Gwynedd Mercy University Policies

ITS provides and supports information technology resources to faculty, staff, students, and guests. All community members are responsible for using technology resources in an ethical manner that does not interfere with the reasonable use by other community members.

ITS collaborates with the University leadership in the development of Gwynedd Mercy University policies that govern the use of information technology. Gwynedd Mercy University policies posted below apply to all members of the Gwynedd-Mercy College community.

Electronic Submission of Course Assignments Policy

Faculty members who require students to submit course assignments electronically, must use the Assignment function of Blackboard, our secure learning management system. Use of email (Gwynedd Mercy University or personal) for electronic submission of course assignments is not an approved Gwynedd Mercy University Policy.
Click this link to learn how to create an assignment.
Click this link to learn how to grade an assignment.
Refer your students to this link to learn how to submit an assignment in Blackboard

Gwynedd Mercy University File Sharing Policy

The Federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) forbids the copying and distribution of copyrighted materials without a license or permission from the copyright holder. All members of the Gwynedd Mercy University community are required to follow the Colleges’ Computer Usage Policy which includes complying with copyright laws and intellectual property. Specifically, copyrighted material includes (but is not limited to) web pages, music, movies, software applications, and e-mail.

Illegal sharing is a violation of College policy and will lead to serious consequences, including disciplinary action, suspension, and possible lawsuits resulting in substantial financial penalties. Security and privacy issues (including identity theft) prosecutable under various federal and state laws have been attributed to illegal file sharing. Copyright holders have become aggressive in pursuing violators and Gwynedd Mercy University complies with valid subpoenas requesting the identity of alleged offenders.

Students, faculty, staff or anyone directly or indirectly affiliated with Gwynedd Mercy University may not use the University network or any related equipment for peer-to-peer (p2p) networking or file
sharing of copyrighted materials or media or provide any form of illegal file sharing services. This applies to personally owned computers, College computers, technology equipment and the network. Please make sure that you have rights for materials that you use in the course of any activities related to Gwynedd-
Mercy College.


Peer to peer file sharing can adversely affect the University network by slowing performance and preventing access for other computer users. Users of the University network may not use peer-to-peer networking software because it adversely affects network performance and can inhibit teaching and
learning. It also exposes the University's computers to security attacks.

File sharing can cause what appears to be poor network or computer performance. Please ensure all computers have the latest patches, updates, virus protection and spyware software removal tools to prevent poor computer performance and minimize and eliminate security risks.

Further explanation of the University's policies as they apply to all Gwynedd Mercy University students, faculty and staff are available in the student handbook, the employee handbook and the official statement of College policies and regulations available on the GGwynedd Mercy University Website at Violators of the File Sharing Policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

For more information on the hidden risks of file sharing and how to disable peer to peer file sharing please contact the IT department Service Desk at or telephone extension 21444.

Computer Usage Policy

Security, Privacy and Confidentiality Policy